The Privacy Machine dedicated to giving you all the information and tools to protecting your privacy and security while online. Whether it's from the mass surveilling government, data-mining corporations, prying employers or malware, everyone has something to protect. We know the importance of privacy and security and understand that everyone's threat model is unique from activists, journalists, privacy-conscious to the average user that's why we made this resource of privacy and security informed list of software.

This resource will be updated as new technologies emerge. We welcome contributions to this resource at the bottom of the page by clicking the "Suggest" button, which will bring you to reddit and the community will evaluate the app.

Regarding open-source: It should be noted that open source doesn't mean much if:

  • It's being run on someone else's server as you have no way of knowing what is actually being run (could be a modified variant) and what is happening server side.
  • It's not small enough to personally go through if you have the skills, it does take a special skill set to audit code, being a programmer doesn't entail in you knowing how to audit code. It gets complicated to look into when the code runs thousands upon thousands of lines long.